A ZLD treatment system utilizes advanced technological water treatment processes to limit liquid waste at the end of your industrial process to, as the name suggests, zero

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a treatment process with the goal of removing all the liquid waste from a system. The focus of ZLD is to economically reduce wastewater and produce clean water that is suitable for reuse, thus saving money and being beneficial to the environment. ZLD systems employ advanced wastewater treatment technologies to purify and recycle virtually all the wastewater produced.

Also ZLD technologies help plants meet discharge and water reuse requirements, enabling businesses to:
• Meet stringent government discharge regulations
• Reach higher water recovery (%)
• Treat and recover valuable products from waste streams, such as potassium sulphate, caustic soda, sodium sulphate, lithium and gypsum
The conventional way to reach ZLD is with thermal technologies such as evaporators (multi stage flash (MSF), multi effect distillation (MED) and mechanical vapor compression (MCV)) and crystallizers and recover their condensate. ZLD plants produce solid waste.

ZLD process diagram

The ZLD trend

Industries today prefer ZLD as the wastewater treatment method because of its reduced impact on the environment. The aim of ZLD is to retain and recycle as much water as possible and produce solid waste till the end of the process. Every industry, plant and on-site team adopts ZLD programs for different reasons, customized as per their needs.

Regardless of an organization's motivation to aim for ZLD, results with these solutions depict good economics, corporate responsibility, and environmental stewardship. With an internal ZLD process installed by Roserve client signs-up for multiple benefits that are mentioned below.

Why opt for ZLD with Roserve?

The concept of ZLD uses advanced technological water treatment processes to limit liquid waste to a significant extent. An efficient and well-designed ZLD by Roserve helps with the following:
• Handling variation in waste contamination and flow
• Allowing required chemical volumes adjustments
• Recovering around 95% of the liquid waste for reuse
• Treating and retrieving valuable byproducts from your waste that can be reused as a raw material or can be sold off in the market. (i.e. salts and brines)
• Producing dry, solid cake out of the segregated waste, for disposal
A ZLD treatment system provided by Roserve helps your facility to meet stringent effluent requirements, where Roserve steps in as an aid for small to large scale industries to get access to ZLD on lease!

Roserve’s ZLD ON RENT

A Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)system on rent is a dream come true for any industry be it small scale or big sized. What we are basically doing through this, is that the relatively new technology of ZLD which is expensive compared to conventional technology is being set up at the client’s site without any initial CapEx investment. We’re very confident about our technology that we take the entire responsibility of erection & commissioning, operation & maintenance and regular upkeep of our equipment to provide ZLD to the client as per their customization. The entire Life Cycle of the equipment is managed by us leaving the client to focus on his mainline of business. Infact, we also provide upgradation facility to client in terms of technology during the tenure of our contract at a very nominal additional price.

In conclusion, Roserve’s innovative solution based ZLD system on rent is a game changer in today’s scenario of acute water scarcity providing the desired flexibility to the client to meet his sustainability norms at a compelling price.

When it comes to wastewater management for your company, as per your tailored needs think of us!!! A cost-effective way to reuse and recycle the water, save big and grow the business while meeting environmental regulations, all at the same time. A One Stop shop for all your wastewater management

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