India is progressing and is competing with developed countries of today. But along with this fast progress, there are several factors that hamper the health of our country i.e. our environment. Apart from contributing to the rapid growth, our industries are also producing humongous amount of effluents that affect nature. Which is why the need of wastewater treatment and recycling has now become a priority, out of everything else.

Necessity of wastewater treatment plants

Two of the main sources of contaminated water are sewage and industrial waste. Along with the rising population, the volume of wastewater is also increasing at an alarming rate. And to cope up with this rise especially considering limited freshwater resources like, rivers, wells and groundwater; our focus currently needs to be on the solutions to revive freshwater and methods to recycle and reuse water.

The increasing level of wastewater, has more adverse effects. When the wastewater is released untreated, it mixes with the other water sources and contaminates it. It hence makes it unfit for consumption and utilization for other purposes. This contamination doesn’t limit itself there. It progresses and spreads further more to contaminate other sources of resources like groundwater, rivers, seas, etc. This way, every water source gets polluted.

This negligence needs to be eradicated and proper precautions to emit treated wastewater into the environment, should be taken. Without a proper source of water, not only our homes are majorly affected, but operations and functions of the industries are also hit. From the minute details of a picture - i.e. the necessity for livestock, food industry & farming, to bigger elements of the picture - i.e. development of industries and growth of the sector; everything is dependent on water.

In short, the rising problems due to untreated wastewater are:
•Contaminated rivers and affected marine life
•Lack of drinking water
•Release of fatal chemicals, some of which can be toxic
•Adversely affected groundwater
•Increasing Soil and Water pollution

A certain Solution for the Rising Problems

The rising problems reflect ill-health of our developing country and hardships of the people living here. The only assured way to deal with the discharge of chemical effluents, is to treat it before releasing it. Although not all companies are monetarily equipped to install wastewater treatment plant, which is why we step in as an aid to such companies. We offer RENTING and LEASING solutions to industries, so that they don’t have to incur an additional capital expense for installing wastewater plant and machineries. We make wastewater treatment accessible and easy and provide customized solutions for various industries. This makes it convenient for the industries, as they only pay for the amount of wastewater used, than owning the whole wastewater treatment plant.

This way, the wastewater emission by industries gets controlled, and the problems are resolved to a major extent. Rely on us for meeting governmental standards for wastewater discharge and taking a step towards a greener and a healthier tomorrow.

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