The industrial development of the country is one of the major aspects that defines the economic growth of any country. Apart from the contribution of big and leading industries, a significant role is played by the budding and growing industries or enterprises called the MSMEs. The contribution of the MSMEs depends on various parameters that include the development of infrastructure, support from the government, the present market, various banking facilities, different government based policies and much more.

In the category of manufacturing industries, MSMEs play an important role. They come with their unique nature of contributing to employment of the country and requiring minimum amount of investment to function.

The MSME’s Perspective

Carrying out the daily operations using limited resources and capital, the MSMEs in the manufacturing segment of Industries are adding great value to the final output. The contribution of these MSMEs, though good needs to be improved for the long-term development of the country, when it comes to employment, growth and industrialization. A lot of issues can be found when we take a closer look at these MSMEs.

Investment and growth of the Manufacturing sector of MSME

The last few decades have been substantial for the emerging MSMEs as a highly dynamic sector in the Indian economy. Providing for large employment at lower capital costs when compared to large scale industries, the MSMEs help in development and industrialization of the rural belts and other backward areas. This helps in opening employment opportunities and ensures equitable distribution of national income and wealth.

Although being the backbone of the Indian Economy, the growing enterprises face struggles and issues that hinder the growth of these MSME towards successful ventures. Here are some problems that the growing enterprises face today:

1. The High-interest rates charged and collateral requirements by banks are one of the major issues when MSMEs want to raise their capital.
2. Equity capital also has only limited access. The reason behind this is that most of the investors do not risk investing in unknown/small companies.
3. Revival mechanism for sick companies is virtually non-existent in the MSME sector, therefore a company never gets a chance to reinvent itself and become profitable.
4. Outdated technology and innovation can be one of the core issues since the use of such technology impedes MSMEs’ competitiveness and growth.
5. Marketing and Procurement of raw materials and lack of market information due to lack of awareness and financial assistance are major constraints in this sector.
6. For MSME’s requisite raw material, skilled workforce and other inputs are not available in the market as per their need. Due to the unavailability of these resources, it becomes very difficult to produce the products at affordable prices.

Roserve steps in to serve the MSMEs

Understanding the struggles and issues faced by the Manufacturing MSMEs, Roserve steps in to serve the necessities of these industries. Taking the onus of the capital investment induced in the water treatment and recycling plant that has been made mandatory by the government of India based on a certain limit in terms of production, Roserve extends a hand to proffer a ‘Pay per Use’ model that allows the MSMEs to only pay for the amount of water recycled. The cost/ charge of installing, operating & maintaining and upgrading the water treatment and recycling plant lies with Roserve. Pushing towards a successful tomorrow with a stress free today, Roserve is the answer for MSMEs to see a healthy and nurturing future.

Ranging from technologies for industry verticals like Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Chemicals, Automobiles, Food & Beverage & Distilleries, Roserve believes in constant innovation and Change, providing the wastewater recycling solutions as per the needs of the clients. The Roserve Model of ‘Pay per Use’ is the most apt and beneficial way to abide by the governmental norms in a truly cost-effective manner.

So, when it comes to wastewater management for your company,