With the automobile sector restarting production across the world, there will be an urgent need for a business model that would allow safe passage for these industries to operate smoothly until the condition stabilizes. As the production will be starting in full swing, there will be a release of toxic substances in the environment, thereby, creating health hazards. And, in times like these when the world is slowly trying to get back to what it was before the COVID19, it is very important on our part to take care of our environment.

Where does the Automobile Industry need our assistance?

The wastewater in the automobile industry is generated during washing, painting, and various other stages of chassis manufacturing. Although the liquid waste generated from this industry is not voluminous, it is extremely hazardous because of its toxic contents, like 

  • Heavy metals - chromium, nickel, zinc, etc.
  • Organic micropollutants - polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Chemicals - dyestuff, chromium phosphate, etc.
  • Solvents
  • Paints

An alarming situation that requires immediate attention

  • If untreated or partially treated wastewater is discharged, it can lead to great damage to the geo-environment. 
  • Therefore, to tackle such hazardous elements, it becomes a pre-requisite to get a wastewater treatment plant installed and fulfil your industry’s social responsibility by creating a positive impact on the environment.  

The Process

The automobile industry’s waste involves three major treatment processes:

  • Physical process
  • Chemical process
  • Biological process

And, these treatment processes involve four stages of recycling the wastewater:

  • Pre-Treatment - This stage involves the removal of floatable solids, oil and grease through initial screening or grit chamber.
  • Primary Treatment - This stage involves chemical processes like coagulation, flocculation, and neutralization where heavy solids settle down at the bottom and the light ones are skimmed off.
  • Secondary Treatment - This stage involves biological processes, including both aerobic and anaerobic depending on the quality of the effluent. 
  • Tertiary Treatment - This stage involves the disinfection of treated wastewater using chlorine, ozone, and UV light, thereby, removing the remaining residual suspended solids and making the water suitable to be released into nature.

How can Roserve help?

Being a business enterprise ourselves in the field of wastewater treatment, we understand the difficulties being faced by the automobile industries in getting back to starting their operations. Therefore, we are introducing our very efficient and convenient - Plug & Play Recycling Model, which we have come up with after thorough evaluation and research.

Benefits of our Plug & Play Recycling Model

As after around 3 months, automobile industries including small, medium, and large scale are hoping to kickstart their operations, it is important for us to understand that there might be many of them who are facing financial issues including operational limitations. Therefore, we have designed our Plug & Play model in a way which can assist them in starting their industrial activity and running it successfully.

  • Ready to use equipment
  • No initial CAPEX required
  • Quick Mobilization
  • Pay per use model
  • Rental options on Zero Liquid Discharge 
  • Flexible renting solutions along with short-term rental options

And, all these benefits come with the implementation of our advanced technology for Zero Liquid Discharge:

  • Reverse Osmosis 
  • Heavy Metal Removal Systems
  • Evaporation & Drier Systems 

We have come up with this innovative way of treating wastewater, which will not only help the automobile industry in managing its finances and running its operations smoothly but will also be a ray of hope in this time of distress for the industry owners.
When it comes to wastewater management for your company, as per your tailored needs think of us!  Roserve - A cost-effective way to reuse and recycle the water, LEASE wastewater treatment equipment with us and grow your business while meeting environmental regulations, all at the same time. A One-Stop-Shop for all your wastewater management woes!!! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for more updates and announcements.