One of the majorly affected industries due to COVID-19 is the Hospitality industry. As travel got disrupted due to worldwide lockdown by respective authorities, the industry faced a setback. However, now that the businesses are opening, hotels and other hospitality sectors are catching up the pace. 

  • According to a research conducted by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) analysing the Indian hospitality sector, 60% of the operators believe that it will take around 13-24 months for their portfolio to bounce back to 2019 RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) levels.

  • With the industry already facing the after-effects of the lockdown, we, at Roserve, have come up with a fool-proof plan to assist the industry in getting back to its feet. 

Where does the Hospitality Industry need our assistance?

  • An increase in water consumption results in increased gas emission by plants, which substantially contributes to environmental pollution. Therefore, conserving water in the hotel industry is most important than ever since huge quantities of water are wasted every day in hotels across the world. 
  • Hospitality sector also generates enormous quantities of wastewater through their bathrooms, kitchens, etc. And, this wastewater consists of harmful chemicals, oils and various other types of residues.
  • As this water ultimately reaches the natural water bodies, it impacts the marine eco-system as well.
  • Preserving water and recycling the wastewater is the need of the hour. Here, we step in to develop methodologies for the treatment of this wastewater.
  • To achieve this, we put in our valuable research to identify the various sources of wastewater in the hospitality industry and evaluate the most suitable technologies to treat them. 
  • This evaluation process involves the proposition of strategies to recover valuable compounds to a large extent and make the wastewater reusable.

The Process

  • Preliminary Treatment - During this stage - coarse solids, rags, sticks, papers, drinking cans and other similar items are removed through screening, sedimentation and skimming.
  • Primary Treatment - During this treatment, the preliminary sludge is allowed to flow at a reduced speed to settle the heavier solids at the bottom and make the floating material such as grease and oil to rise to the surface for skimming off. This particular treatment helps in the removal of around 50-60% of influent suspended solids and reduces BOD level up to 30-40%. 
  • Secondary Treatment - This treatment involves “Activated Sludge Process” which is a biological aerobic treatment to degrade the organic matter. This stage helps in the removal of about 80-90% of organic solids.
  • Tertiary Treatment - This is the final stage in treating wastewater in a hotel. It is a disinfection treatment involving physical, chemical or biological processes to remove any residual or remaining suspended solids and dissolved solids.

How can Roserve help?

Being a business enterprise ourselves in the field of wastewater treatment, we understand the difficulties being faced by the hospitality industry in getting back to starting its operations. Therefore, we are introducing our very efficient and convenient - Plug & Play Recycling Model, which we have come up with after thorough evaluation and research.

Benefits of our Plug & Play Recycling Model

According to JLL, 53% of the surveyed industry owners believe that key business cities are likely to witness an early rise in room nights demand. And, as per the guidelines issued by the Indian government and World Health Organisation, hotels must keep a strict check on their occupancy levels. 

Therefore, resulting in an imbalance in cost and profit levels. In order to smoothen this imbalance, our Plug & Play recycling model is designed in such a way where these businesses will not face any liquidity and operational issues:

  • Ready to use equipment 
  • No initial CAPEX required 
  • Quick Mobilization 
  • Pay per use model 
  • Rental options on Zero Liquid Discharge 
  • Flexible renting solutions along with short-term rental options

According to The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), tourism generated $194 billion or 6.8% of India’s GDP in 2019 and supported 39.80 million jobs which is 8% of its total employment. Therefore, our Plug & Play Recycling model has been initiated by us to provide a strong foundation for the hospitality industry to ensure they achieve their sustainability norms. 

When it comes to wastewater management for your company, as per your tailored needs think of us!  Roserve - A cost-effective way to reuse and recycle the water, LEASE wastewater treatment equipment with us and grow your business while meeting environmental regulations, all at the same time. A One-Stop-Shop for all your wastewater management woes!!! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for more updates and announcements.