We are all surrounded by wastewater. We produce it and also contribute in it. Our lifestyle is a major subscriber of wastewater production and it’s all upon the wastewater treatment management that we are able to use clean water in our daily life. Removing hazardous chemicals and other contaminants, wastewater treatment management has become a necessity today.

But the growing impact of wastewater on the environment is perpetually worsening. Let’s take a look at how wastewater impacts the natural world.

Natural water bodies

The harmful untreated wastewater produced by industries are pushed to the seas, oceans, lakes and other water bodies. Trillion gallons of sewage water from household and industrial sector are discharged in these water bodies, every year. This untreated discharge creates an unhealthy habitat for marine life and also for humans. The requirement of wastewater treatment plant is hence vital in the bodies of freshwater, as the water from these bodies are used as a source for daily requirements.

Disturbed groundwater

The world is already going through a terrible clean water scarcity. Which means, saving and making optimum utilization of clean water is our topmost priority. But when wastewater which is loaded with harmful chemicals and other effluents seeps into the ground, it mixes with the groundwater. This disturbs the quality of water and renders as an unsafe water source for future use, at multiple locations.

Our Ecosystems

Almost all ecosystems depend on water to flourish. But when the water is contaminated, these ecosystems are also affected greatly. Because the surface and underground water are connected, the damage done through contaminating one water body spreads across other water bodies too. This reckless discharge of wastewater causes a lot of problems that one can’t possibly think of.

Wastewater management, mostly done by big industries help and prevent some of these issues to some extent, but again they come at a large cost of installing treatment plants and wastewater equipment. Not anymore. With Roserve, any and every industry can have their own wastewater management ON LEASE. Contributing their bit to the nature, by treating wastewater before discharge, industries (big or small) can do their bit to save the nature. Saving big on capital amount, MSMEs and other industries can buy on rent the plants and equipment, as per their need and other customizations.

It’s time we look after everything we release out in nature & contribute towards a greener planet.

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