The sudden outburst of the Coronavirus has affected many industrial sectors globally. Although many of them are facing negative consequences, the wastewater treatment industry has a kind of positive impact. This is due to the safety guidelines of the World Health Organisation, as many governments are taking initiatives to protect the public health by keeping the water supplies safe.

Social Impact

  • With the easing in the lockdown restrictions, industries are opening and getting back to their operations. 
  • This move has brought a kind of relief among the staff workers, as keeping the manufacturing and assembly units open along with the starting of production and supply services will ensure job security to them. 
  • However, it is also important for the running industries to keep their staff and the surroundings safe. 
  • Although it is still not proven whether the Coronavirus can be transmitted through wastewater, it is still required that the wastewater being generated during the industrial activities is treated in a well-designed process and managed through a proper effluent treatment system.

As a result, most industries are focusing on the improvement of the wastewater treatment systems equipped with technological advancements, therefore, reducing the potential risk and elimination of the harmful contaminants along with detecting the nutrients present in the sludge. This move is expected to largely fuel the growth of the wastewater treatment industry. 

Impact on Biological Treatment of Wastewater

  • Moreover, the aerobic process of treating the wastewater is expected to be the preferred choice among the industries due to the rising demand for economical and efficient solutions. 
  • Therefore, the global biological wastewater treatment industry is expected to witness significant growth during this period and even after the pandemic ends. 
  • This growth is largely attributed to the rising water scarcity and the need for efficient wastewater treatment technologies.

Innovation Opportunities

  • Moreover, industry players are constantly working on technical and operational improvements. Taking our own example, we, at Roserve, have come up with our highly efficient and innovative, “Plug & Play Model”, in order to aid a wide range of industries in running their operations smoothly. 
  • Under this model, our wastewater treatment systems come with appealing economic options and technical advancements, involving the application of Nanotechnology, as Nanotechnology-based biological membranes exhibit high water penetrability because of the highly desirable characteristics like improved salt rejection, pore structure and thermal & chemical resistance.
  • Therefore, all these factors will likely be responsible for the growth of global wastewater treatment industry in the future years.

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