Mostly, the treatment of wastewater from small scale business and industries, is a process taken care of by the local government. But institutions like schools and other small scale industries in isolated locations, need their own treatment to avoid fines/fees from environmental agencies. These isolated locations often have too much water to treat that makes it necessary for them to own a wastewater treatment plant.

The primary operational problem the small-scale wastewater treatment plants face, is the flow variability. A small scale water treatment plant is designed for an anticipated flow rate that covers maximum of the wastewater. The wastewater treatment plant in small-scale industries struggle to operate properly when the flow is towards the low end of the range. This can be resolved by adding storage tanks, but a better solution is to change the process & make it more scalable. The smaller version of large plants and plants using membrane bioreactor technology can operate continuously, while still delivering high-quality discharge.

Roserve leases wastewater treatment equipment to a range of enterprises and industries. From wastewater technologies like vacuum crystallizers to Reverse Osmosis, Roserve renders solutions for all kinds of wastewater requirements and necessities.

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