Holi is one of the oldest festivals of India and the most vibrant of all. There are many interesting Hindu mythologies associated with the festival and they keep changing as you go from North to South. Gulal, pichkaris and gujiyas are synonymous with the celebrations. People all around the country celebrate it with joy and frolic. But more than getting drenched in water and colours, it’s the love and warmth that people share with their friends and family on Holi. It’s a celebration of good over evil, a celebration of welcoming the harvest season, and a celebration of love.

Along with colours, it is highly played with water. First, it is thrown at each other through water balloons and guns and then it is used to rinse the colours from the body. Now, that is a matter of concern. Considering the water stress around the globe, this year, wasting huge quantities of water in the name of festival will only worsen the situation. According to a report by the Water Resources Institute, India stands at the 13th position among the world’s 17 most extremely water-stressed countries.

On Holi, there is maximum water usage and waste generation across the country. It is an auspicious festival and it should be celebrated without harming the environment. Therefore, we’ve listed some ways which can help in celebrating it the eco-friendly way:

  • Avoiding playing with water balloons and water guns.
  • Wearing old, worn out or dark coloured clothes.
  • Using natural and organic colours. It is easy to wash them off.
  • Playing in an open area or ground, as making the whole house dirty will only lead to more usage of water for cleaning. However, if you are planning to play Holi on the terrace or anywhere near your house, spread a tarpaulin or polyester coated sheet on the floor. This will help in saving water from cleaning the floor.
  • Applying oil on your hair and body. This will help in providing a protective layer and a single wash will be enough to rinse all the colours. And, in case you forget to apply any lotion or moisturizer on your body, apply coconut oil or cream once you are done with playing Holi. It will slowly fade the colours and a single wash will be enough to rinse.

And, one of the most important points to keep in mind is going for a bath only when you are completely finished with playing Holi. Taking a bath repeatedly will surely lead to wastage of water. 

Roserve wishes you and your family a colourful and joyous Holi.

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