Tannery Industry is one of the largest in the world. In India, it is one of the top 10 foreign exchange-earners and is the second-largest producer in the world after China. India exports leather products worth $5.5 - $6 billion annually. 

  • However, due to the pandemic, the industry has suffered an export loss of $1.5 billion and there is no know-how on how this will be recovered. Some countries like the United Kingdom, France and Spain have either cancelled orders or have put them on hold. 
  • On the other hand, countries like the United States, Germany and Italy have started ordering and negotiating at a lower price. It is going to take a certain amount of time until the industry revives and brings back the business to normal.
  • With the industry already facing the after-effects of the lockdown, we, at Roserve, have come up with a fool-proof plan to assist them in getting back to their feet. 

Where does the Tannery Industry need our assistance?

  • An increase in water consumption results in increased gas emission by plants, which substantially contributes to environmental pollution. Therefore, conserving water in the tannery industry is most important than ever since huge quantities of water are used in the production of leather.
  • Raw materials such as hides of cow, buffalo, goat and sheep are used in the production of leather, involving them going through different stages of tanning. 
  • But, it generates huge quantities of waste in the process, for example, if 1000 kg of rawhide is being processed, it will generate around 850 kg of waste and only 150 kg of it gets converted into leather.
  • Preserving water and recycling the wastewater is the need of the hour. Here, we step in to develop methodologies for its treatment.
  • To achieve this, we put in our valuable research to identify the various sources of wastewater in the tannery industry and evaluate the most suitable technologies to treat it. 
  • This evaluation process involves the proposition of strategies to recover valuable compounds to a large extent and make the wastewater reusable.

The Process

  • Mechanical Treatment - removal of coarse material through screening. This stage can remove up to 30-40% of gross suspended solids.
  • Physico-Chemical Treatment - chrome precipitation and sulphide treatment. This treatment also includes Coagulation and Flocculation which helps in the removal of considerable levels of COD and Suspended Solids.   
  • Effluent Treatment - It involves flow segregation which helps in the treatment of wastewater, particularly for sulphide and chrome containing liquors. 
  • Post-purification, Sedimentation & Sludge-handling - In this stage, the sludge gets separated from the water by gravity settlement through filter presses.
  • ZLD System - This removes remaining impurities such as TDS, Silica, salts, etc. by Membrane filtration and evaporation process.

How can Roserve help?

  • Being a business enterprise ourselves in the field of wastewater treatment, we understand the difficulties being faced by the tannery industry in getting back to starting its operations. 
  • Therefore, we are introducing our very efficient and convenient - Plug & Play Recycling Model, which we have come up with after thorough evaluation and research.
  • For existing RO_ZLD systems, you can look at us as an energy-saving solution provider with proven technologies and consistent results.

Highlights of our Plug & Play Recycling Model

  • Ready to use equipment 
  • Quick Mobilization 
  • Pay per use model 
  • Rental options on Zero Liquid Discharge 
  • Flexible renting solutions along with short-term rental options

With production and usage of water and chemicals at each stage of the tanning process, the Tannery industry is one of the most polluting industrial sectors in India, discharging a total quantity of approximately 50,000 cubic metres per day of effluents containing a high concentration of organic pollutants.

  • This Plug & Play Recycling model has been initiated by us to provide a strong foundation for the Tannery Industry to ensure they achieve their sustainability norms, while at the same time are able to control their impact on the environment.

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